Apr 14

Bmw z3 Screeching no one can diagnose, help is much appreciated

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READ video description!


I would say CCV is toast, check the vacuum caps on the rear of the intake manifold too

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  • I have a 98 BMW e36 convertible 323i Looking for help with my check engine light, it will not turn off. I have a reader and have replaced all sensors, cam, crank, and 02. Three cam sensors, crank sensor, and both 02 sensors twice. Code PO340 still comes up, but the car runs perfect ? Any thoughts on how to fix it ?
  • First off thanks Nate for the Forum, hopefully we'll be able to create a good community here. I've owned a few BMW's in the past (E12, E21, E34) and now a 1998 Jet Black ( SCHWARZ 2) 318iS Sport (yes sport sport, it's a special model here where they used what was left in the M3 parts bin to get rid of the inventory, lucky for me). Completely stock, lots of little issues as you'd expect, took a while to find one which was completely unmolested. No rust, no damage, paint good (no clear peel), interior good. And got it for a good price. Have to do the rear brakes and shocks, I've got a small coolant leak somewhere so I'll change out the whole cooling system over time. Also got a squeal from the serpentine belt under revs, belt itself looks fine so looking at a pulley issue maybe? About the only other issue is the famous intermittent heater/ AC blower, I'll change out the FSU and we'll see. Windows work ok, headlining decent, door cards need new clips, rear window seals perishing, all the usual things.