Mar 8

06 530XI Starting Hard


If it sits over night it starts hard, meaning you have to feather the gas peddle to get it to run and it back fires slightly through the intake. Only has 80K miles on it and has had synthetic 5w40 changed every 6k since we owned it from 49k. Battery is brand new and charged. I had a camshaft sensor code so I changed it with a VDO brand. Still got the same code, so I switched the ex and intake sensors and still got same code. I have removed and tested the VANOS solenoids and they are good. Only thing I can come up with is worn seals on the camshaft behind the VANOS. After it warms up it seems to start and run just fine, but I do think I have a low idle, between 600/800. Any other ideas?

We had that issue on my e60, it would just randomly throw the code , had to reset the adaptions for the solenoids and it fixed it , also check the screens that go before the solenoids

Checked the screens today and they were very clean. Cleared every code in it and reset the adaptions and it started fine. I done a few other things like rear brake pads and sensors, cleaned the sunroof drains and then tried to start it again, same as before. Started and immediately quite then I had to feather the gas to keep it running, after about 10-12 seconds it runs fine. Pulled the codes ,2A32, 2A33, 2A34, 2A35, 2A36, 2A37, 2A38, 2A47. We replaced the eccentric shaft sensor about two years ago. Im going to unplug it and see what happens from a cold start. After that will be the VVT motor. Any other ideas? I did notice that after the mis-start, that if I slowly pushed the throttle peddle it would go to about 1500 and then drop back off to about 1000-1200 and the same if I continued to 2000, it would down about 500 below where I stopped. Im running out of things to check!

Try unplugging the mass air sensor then cold start it, see if it makes any differance

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It sounds like you have a lean mixture. You might try replacing your intake gaskets and checking to make sure the surfaces are smooth and clean.


Also there are a number of vacuum hoses and fittings on this engine that could be leaky when cold or a crack in your intake manifold that seals up when it warms up. Don't forget about the quick connect vaccuum fitting immediately behind the throttle body.


You may be able to find the source of problems by spraying WD 40 or some other flammable spray onto areas of the intake manifold and hose connections while it's cold until you hear a difference in engine smoothness.


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