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Fuel tank


Hello, first time here

I have a 2009 BMW535xi e60.

I had a fuel pump malfunction on my IDrive and my car would run out of gas even with 1/2 tank. Everything I read said to replace lpfp, I replaced the right side pump and left side filter unit with oem Bosch parts and when I did the left side of the tank was completely empty the right side completely full. After replacement the same issue happened again and now my fuel gauge will only read to 1/2 tank even though I know I have a full tank.

Has anyone on here had this problem and hopefully know what the solution is??


The new pump needs to be coded to the car, had that issue with mine, we had to use ista-d

I've replaced both of mine on04 530i E60 without having to do any coding and never had this issue. I'm not saying coding doesn't have to be done, or that I have to do it, just relaying my experience.

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Check your hoses inside your tank. Dealer replaced mine and it did the same thing. They hooked it to computer and said the sending unit is bad. I got mad and opened the left side and they had routed the hose over top of the sending unit.

That sounds very possible, I’ll open the left side and take a look.


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