Mar 16

MBW 523i noise coming from engine


Hi all new here

I have a 2007 523I 2.5 Petrol I have a noise coming from seems like from cylinder No 1 sounds like a lot others on You tube BMW ticking noise I have tried the BMW bleeding the Hydraulic tappits ( Lifters) while at 3000 Rpm the noise in almost gone, I will investigate more more tomorrow before I remove rocker cover ,

Any ideas

Thanks Anthony from Ireland

Have you tried swapping cool packs with another, see if there problem followed the coil pack, same with spark plug. Sometimes you get lucky and they do, then no need to get inside it.

Hi Rich

No its not plugs or coil pack attached video there now

I plan to strip tomorrow should Know more

there is only 100 k on my car full BMW service history I have last year did 23 k changed oil every 7 k


and noise is coming from No1 cylinder inlet side so possible some thing broke on the vanos

Ok took off Rocker cover dont see any thing broke or wore. Pulled out the two inlet Hydrophilic tapits (Lifters) They was solid was expecting them to be soft.


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