Mar 3

2007 328XI low oil pressure w/ P0012 code


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Hey, I was wondering if anyone has experienced what I'm going through with my 328 it has 125000 and I am hearing noise from the engine bay and was wondering if anyone could give me some help on this I have already replaced the solenoids about 5,000 miles ago. The valve cover gasket was leaking so we changed that and a few days later I hear this awful sound and decided to park it up before I damage anything I'm getting low oil pressure and a P0012 code. My belt tensioner broke about 25000 miles ago I have about 125000 on it now. I'm going to upload a video upload a video of what I'm talking about




Damn man that sounds terrible, using a long screwdriver listen to the alternator and around the timing chain tensioner to see where the noise is coming from

that engine sounds like its not getting any oil, I would suggest removing the pan and checking the oil intake, see if its clogged, probably want to get a new seal before doing this.

I’m doing that this weeken, ill let you guys know what I find.

My 2007 x3 was making the same noise and that whiney sound you can hear in the background too. I kept driving it to work bc I had no choice and the check engine light started flashing one day and it was driving terribly so I did not drive it anymore but a few days later it wouldn’t crank. I’ve heard it has probably jumped time? Also when the problems first started I got codes for over retarted intake and exhaust camshaft sensors. please update when you find out anything new because I am at a loss of what to do and know nothing about cars.

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My bluedriver finaly came in, I got a couple codes 2A30 for the eccentric shaft sensor:power supply, 2A82 inlet vanos variable cam control test, 2A80 inlet vanos variable cam control test; input signal, 2A87 outlet vanos variable can control test, mechanics. the Battery died while I was getting these codes so I got a lot of codes and wasn’t able to clear them and let the car run. Will have the battery charged tomorrow the car has been siting for almost 3 months now. I know before I parked it up I would get vanos codes p0012 and the car would run in Limp mode untill I turn the car off and turn it back on this would happen often. I haven had the time to drop the subframe and check the oil pickup tube because of school and work but as soon as I do I’ll let you guy know. And if I find someone with the same problem that has a solution I’ll post that here as well. Tomorrow I’m going to clear everything and see how it runs and what codes come back after I charge the battery. Ill keep you guys posted.

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