Oct 16

Bmw e46 dying with misfire codes and running lean

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So I have a 2003 BMW 325xi and it keeps dying on me during heavy traffic and it runs rough at idle and some times on the highway when I try to pass someone it doesn’t have any power. It even holds gears sometimes when I drive on the street and highway. I put a code reader on it and it said that I’m running lean and I have misfire on all of the cylinders except 3 and 6. I checked all of my vacuum hoses and ran a smoke test on it and nothing wasn’t damaged or leaking, I’m lost and I need help finding the problem may you please help me. I also checked the spark plugs and coil packs and they are all good.

Oct 29

I have a 02 325xi.. i addition to replacing the coil packs (all 6, spark plugs, Valve Cover Gasket, CCV, pulled the manifold off replaced the intake manifold gasket (hard as a rock), replaced the injector seals upper & lower, CCV system (all the rubber hoses) Secondary air hose from the pump to the manifold, the brake booster hose upper & lower intake boot and cleaned the ICV & Fuel pump & fuel filter. Also replaced the entire cooling system and Precat 02 sensors & DISA. It has been flawless for 15k miles after the above. I ran the gas down to a gallon yesterday and the check engine light came of for misfire.. After 200 miles of highway driving after filling up with a full tank the light went away. Everything was original on this car when I first got it.. With each refresh of systems it runs better & better. Sounds like you may have one or several vacuum leaks.. Is the valve cover have a hair line crack in it?. Is the entire CCV in excellent shape? How are the parts above that were changed? Have you checked compression? Checked fuel injectors? Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter?.. Hope this helps.. P.S. post the exact codes it's throwing

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  • Sup guys? 02 E46 oil light comes on at idle when car warms up. Goes away as soon as i press gas pedal. Been told oil pressure sensor. Any thoughts. Thanks! KEEP ON TRUCKIN'
  • 2002 330ci I am getting readings 1. fuel injector off 1-6 2. clock fuel injector 1-6 What does this mean? Injectors and fuel rail were removed when changing intake manifold gasket. When I google "clock fuel injector" all I get is the definition of fuel injector. Any help will be appreciated.
  • I went and checked out a 2005 bmw 325xi today that was in great condition. No rust, 150k, and runs and drives solid. All but one thing I noticed. It’s an auto, which I would prefer manual but this car is nice so I may forgive that. It has a weird shudder that almost feels like a little misfire when the car would shift. This was only when accelerating life ghtly, when I gave it full throttle it was fine. Now I’m completely clueless when it comes to the awd e46 so maybe it could be an issue with the front diff or something else but like I said I’m clueless on this. Is this something people have dealt with before? Easy/hard cheap/costly? Should I pass or is this something that can maybe be worked out? The guy is asking 3500. I have him talked down to 3000.