Mar 7

E46 blinker relay location

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Mar 7


Where is located turn signal light relay

I want to install LED bulbs and change relay special one for LED with adjustable speed of blinking

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  • So I have a 2003 BMW 325xi and it keeps dying on me during heavy traffic and it runs rough at idle and some times on the highway when I try to pass someone it doesn’t have any power. It even holds gears sometimes when I drive on the street and highway. I put a code reader on it and it said that I’m running lean and I have misfire on all of the cylinders except 3 and 6. I checked all of my vacuum hoses and ran a smoke test on it and nothing wasn’t damaged or leaking, I’m lost and I need help finding the problem may you please help me. I also checked the spark plugs and coil packs and they are all good.
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