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X5 misfires once in a while and goes away M54


First of all thank you so much Nathan for making this site!!


Ok, so once every month or so (mainly since it's been freezing here in Chicago) my X5 will begin to misfire once its warmed up, but only if I'm letting it sit outside to warm up or if I'm at a long light/train. It will show codes for misfires for at least 4 cylinders but sometimes all 6, lean codes and o2 sensor codes. The second I shut the car off and restart it, the car runs perfectly and the SES light shuts itself off after a day or 2. I bought this with a warped head for $900... I had it resurfaced and put all new vacuum hoses and obviously gaskets. I did not change the CCV (I know, I know lol), but the car isn't losing an excessive amount of oil. The car just hit 140K. Any help would be highly appreciated!

Hi John , it sounds like a bad coil pack to me

Hmm, I’ll have to check that when it happens again. Thanks for the reply!

check the seal after the Mass Air Flow sensor, when they dry out they can get pushed into the hose and leave a gap, giving you a lean condition. Run a decent scan tool like the Autel 808 or 808P or Carly or Launch to see lean codes. Search youtube or this site for how to read lean codes, the most common code on BMWs I have found in my 2001 X5 M54 and 1979 320i I had back in 1994-97.

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  • I believe have the original key, Tried to program but it didn't work. I checked the key battery and it has 3 volts. It works in the door lock, and starts the car, but the buttons for locks rear hatch and alarm do not work.
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  • Hello, I purchased a 2001 X5 with the 4.4l engine. The previous owner had the car die and him and was starting to remove the engine and gave up on it. I bought it along with a running engine with 115k miles on it from a reputable wrecking yard. Of course I did all of this without knowing that this is one of the "worst" (according to some) BMW engines. My question is what do I check on the replacement engine before installing? Timing change guides? Water Pump? Seals? Vacuum Lines? Hoses? Thank you. Dan