Apr 28

Oil additive?


Edited: Apr 28

Are you and dean still planning to sell the UK oil additives? Both my E46 and my E53 have an oil pan gasket leak that I really don't want to spend $1000 each to get it fixed. Is that stuff safe and all?

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  • Hi all, great vids. Best help so far, subcribed. I bought a 56 plate Z4 E85 (N52) recently that had been left to stand unattended for 3 years. Guy fitted a new battery and tried to start it. Cranks but no sparks. Flushed the tank and filled with new fuel. Guided by the Vids on you tube I connected INPA and it appears it cant see most of the modules and especially the DME control (ECU) unit. Without the DME relay live the electronics are all dead and hence the no start. Any first step pointers much appreciated. I am guessing that the slow and total battery discahrge taht occured probably created loads of errors. But without being able to establish a link to the DME I am banging my head against a wall. Cheers
  • Just a quick heads up for you guys. My short term fuel trims on both banks suddenly pegged out lean at idle and it threw a check engine light. Some times it would go into open loop fault before hitting closed loop. Looked at the graphs of the MAF and O2 sensor outputs and they were fine. Fuel pressure was at 50psi, so it was not that either (just to be sure on these BTW). The STFT dropped at 2500rpm, so it was a vacuum leak. Although I smoked the engine, it did not show any smoke coming from the dipstick tube where it meets the block. I only found it when I checked the o rings on the top of the dipstick and could hear a noise from the tube. The o ring was shot, and I replaced it - total fuel trims are now +/- 3% As I say, just a heads up, as I could not see smoke, so thought I would share this