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Chantz Simpson
Feb 13, 2020
In General BMW Discussions
I currently own a 2006 e60 530xi with around 170,000 miles that I have used in the recent years as a beater car in the winter months. The other day the battery died overnight and when I got it jumped and took it to my mechanic to see if anything was wrong with the battery/alternator I was given a laundry list of items wrong with the car. They said to get the car to drive they will have to do over $1000 in repairs which include replacing the battery ($360), replace synthetic fluid/service transmission ($203) and to replace the transfer case fluid ($221). At this point I'm wondering if it's even worth it considering the price and condition of the car. I'm not super mechanically inclined so I'm not sure if I have the ability to sell for parts on my own or if I should sell it to a salvage yard or if I should sell as is on craigslist. I'm not necessarily sure how much it's worth due to the mechanical issues and mileage. Besides the mechanical issues the interior is in amazing condition but the exterior is a bit rough (swirls, scratched black paint and foggy headlights). Does anyone have any recommendations or have been in this situation before.
Chantz Simpson
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