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Jun 27, 2019
In BMW E46
I went and checked out a 2005 bmw 325xi today that was in great condition. No rust, 150k, and runs and drives solid. All but one thing I noticed. It’s an auto, which I would prefer manual but this car is nice so I may forgive that. It has a weird shudder that almost feels like a little misfire when the car would shift. This was only when accelerating life ghtly, when I gave it full throttle it was fine. Now I’m completely clueless when it comes to the awd e46 so maybe it could be an issue with the front diff or something else but like I said I’m clueless on this. Is this something people have dealt with before? Easy/hard cheap/costly? Should I pass or is this something that can maybe be worked out? The guy is asking 3500. I have him talked down to 3000.
Why this 05’ 325xi I found for sale worries me, possible trans issue? content media
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