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Mar 08, 2019
In E60
Yeah I know you dont have many diesels in the US, but the principles are more or less the same. I was driving some weeks ago and suddenly the serpentine belt snapped. This caused a water hose to snap off and all coolant was lost. Standing on the roadside, the car started again and I moved it a couple of meters for safety. When the rescue car arrived, I agreed with him to move the car a couple of meters again, but no start possible. I thought this ws due to the low coolant at that time. I have changed all belts now, and thermostats and a couple of radiator hoses while I was at it. I also repaired the throttle body which had code 43E2 with this video, this worked and that code disappeared, but a new code 4687 appeared. The car will not start after the repairs obviously and also got a code "3EC1 camshaft sensor wrong signal". Had a spare sensor and replaced this, but no joy, the same error appeared. The engine cranks and ignites periodically but it will not fire up. Have also tried to detach the battery for more than 15 minutes and the IBS sensor. Also disconnected the camshaft sensor itself and as predicted the code "3EC0 Camshaft sensor no signal" appeared. However the 3EC1 along with it. Next thing I am going to try is detaching the throttle body itself to see if that gets rid of the camshaft sensor codes. But not until tomorrow.


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